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Wanneroo Kennels

Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet is the trusted choice for all dog owners looking for Wanneroo kennels that will not compromise budget. We have positioned ourselves as the most trust-worthy and reliable option in the area for pet lovers who value the importance of care for their dogs. Let your dog enjoy and experience the difference of our Wanneroo kennels at Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet which have all the amenities your dog needs to enjoy itself in a peaceful environment.

Our superior Wanneroo kennels here at Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet have been built according to the most demanding safety measures and standards, so you can relax knowing your pet is in the hands of animal-loving and dedicated people. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated business run by Terry and Sue, both animal lovers who understand the importance of getting to know each dog’s personality and how to treat them well. We are not new to this field as we have years of experience in boarding, breeding and loving animals which is why we understand the importance of taking care of them properly and pampering them with a soothing bath while they enjoy their stay at our premium kennels. Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet is the place that allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing your 4-legged friend is with people who really understand the importance of taking care of pets and offering love to them.

Come and see our premises for yourself, and discover why our Wanneroo kennels are the best option for your barking friends.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information about our services! We will be happy to walk you through our service inclusions when selecting our kennels. Give your beloved pet the love, care and nurturing they deserve when you select Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet today.


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