How do you charge?

At Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet we charge by the day, you pay for the day you drop off & the day you pick up, regardless of time, which gives you the flexibility of fitting your pick up & drop off to suit your circumstances.

We do not have EFTPOS facilities, so payment is by cheque, cash or bank transfer, paid when you pick up your pet.

If your stay is longer than 30 days, we require 50% deposit on drop off, balance to be paid on pick up.

Will my pet be boarding on it's own?

Yes, however if there are 2 dogs boarded from the same family, they can share accommodation & exercise time to keep each other company.

We also have brick partitioning between kennels, which stops the intimidating behaviour from other dogs, or your dog trying to defend their new territory.

Can I inspect where my pet will be?

Yes, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday…..10am – 11am, no appointment required.

We recommend that you inspect different kennelling establishments, to ensure that you can be as comfortable as possible, with the care offered for your family member. You need to be confident where you leave your pet, so you have a stress & worry free break.

To protect the health of the pets already in our care, we ask that, before viewing our kennels, please don’t go to any premises or parks etc, where you could possibly transfer dog virus into our kennels.

Do I supply my pet's food?

No, Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet provides everything, unless you have special dietary requirements.

Dogs boarding together are monitored at feed times to ensure they only eat their own food at dinner.

What do I need to bring with my pet?

Everything is provided, including a trampoline bed, if you wish to make the stay more “homely” a favourite rug or toys & treats are welcomed.

A current vaccination certificate (C5) is required. Any annual boosters must be done (if due) 10 – 14 days prior to boarding.

Please ensure your pet has a flea treatment before boarding (unless they have regular monthly treatments). If your pet is due for treatment during boarding, please bring dose with you. We will administer when due.

Please keep your dog away from other dogs 7-10 days prior to boarding, to try to avoid bringing viruses (eg. Kennel Cough) into the kennels.

How often will my pet be exercised?

Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet has 2 large grassed exercise areas for the large dogs, the dogs are separated by mesh fencing, so can still socialise, without any danger of injury.

Small dogs have their own garden area, away from the large dogs in a separate little dog boarding complex.

They are taken out twice per day for 20 – 30 mins,. Depending on your dogs needs.

If your dog does not mess in the kennel area, we ensure they go out 4 – 5 times per day.

If your dog is full of beans & bounce, we ensure they get extra time to burn off their energy.

Please keep your dog away from other dogs 7-10 days prior to boarding, to try to avoid bringing viruses (eg. Kennel Cough) into the kennels.

What happens if my pet gets distressed being left?

We take the time to settle your pet with attention & care, treats ,food etc.

We are a small kennels with the time to ensure that if your pet stresses, we can be there for cuddles & try to ensure that their stay is a happy experience.

What vaccinations are required?

For dogs C5, which covers kennel cough & influenza (boosters due must be done 10 – 14 days prior to boarding)

What if I get distressed leaving my pet ?

Tissues, hugs & assurances are free of charge.

Phone calls to check on your pet are welcomed !

What times are you open for drop off & pick up ?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursday, Friday & Saturday : 10am – 12noon, 4 – 6pm

Sundays & Public Holidays: 4 – 6pm

We are closed New Years Day, Good Friday, Xmas Day & Boxing Day.