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Dog Minding Perth

Looking for qualified professionals in dog minding in Perth? Seek no more, Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet is the right place for your little fur friend. We offer a superior facility with everything our professionals need to offer expert dog minding in Perth and ensure our customers are happy with the treatment received by their dogs. Thanks to the welcoming and warm-hearted attitude of owners Terry and Sue, the approach with each dog is very personalised as we take time to get to know them, their personality and what they like to do, as truly skilled experts of dog minding in Perth should do.

Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet is the place that allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing your 4-legged friend is with people who really understand the importance of taking care of pets and offering love to them. Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet is currently positioned as the best caring environment for your dogs, with superior dog minding. You no longer need to worry about not being able to look after your dog when you have a busy day. The facility has all the amenities your dog may need, including a space full of things for them to play such as balls, frisbees, ropes and more. All dogs here at the Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet are exercised and played with twice a day for 30 minutes in our convenient grassed exercise areas.

Trust real experts in this area of dog minding in Perth and focus on your daily routine while your dog is having fun and making new friends! Get more information about our services and why our dog boarding kennels here at Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet is the best option for you and your fur friend. We will be happy to assist you, contact us now.


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