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As every dog owner knows, your furry companion requires lots of attention, care and love, and we at Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet love providing all that and more! We’re a proudly family run business specialising in dog kennels near Wanneroo. Come and meet Terry and Sue, the owners & hands-on carers. We watch carefully for signs of being unwell or unhappy & do whatever we can to solve the problem.  Sometimes an extra cuddle or some ball throwing to lift spirits or we have vets on call for health help. Here we have all sorts of dog toys and treats & where your pet can interact with other dogs whilst ensuring safe socialisation.

We strive to provide an enjoyable experience for your dog, so here at Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet we are equipped with the latest in dog kennels around Wanneroo. You can rest assured that your dog will find the rural environment thoroughly enjoyable and interesting, as every conscious dog owner should be aware of when looking for a place to leave their pet while they’re away. The fresh air, open spaces and constant activity keeps the most avid sticky beak entertained & will work wonders for your dog’s well-being, topped with a soothing and relaxing bath to be well-rested by the time you get back.

We at Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet are committed to be the most sought-after dog kennels near Wanneroo with our top-notch staff and excellent equipment and services. Twice a day, we will play with your dog for 30 minutes at a time to keep them exercised and in a good mood, with dog walking options also available should you request this service. You can call us during office hours for more information about our services. Discover the Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet difference for yourself today.


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