Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet

Dog Kennels Perth WA

Find the best dog kennels in Perth WA, here at Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet. We are the proud providers of a superior facility where dogs can spend quality time in a spacious area with all the safety perks required for properly enjoying the time spent here. We are a proud small-sized business that becomes your ally by always treating your dog with the utmost care and love. When leaving your dogs with dedicated people who love pets like the ones you will encounter here at Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet, it is the perfect added value to our proposal of offering the most remarkable dog kennels in Perth Wa.

All dogs here at the Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet are exercised and played with twice a day for 30 minutes in our convenient grassed exercise areas. There is no need to be worried about your dog’s safety while they are on our superior dog kennels in Perth, we take the required precautions to ensure the well-being of your pet is never compromised. Here at Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet you will find our professional & caring attitude will give your pet a happy experience. Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet is the place that allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing your 4-legged friend is with people who really understand the importance of taking care of pets and offering love to them.

Our premium dog kennels in Perth WA, are equipped with all the requirements necessary, whilst allowing safe socialisation among dogs. Speak to us now if you want to know more information about our dedicated services. We cater to dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages and will be pleased to assist you with any queries. We are very proud of being regarded as the best dog care facility with dog kennels in Perth. Discover the difference of unconditional love and care from the team at Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet today!


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