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Welcome to Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet! Our premium kennels are designed to maximise comfort and ensure your dog has ample space to enjoy daily activities. One of the most remarkable advantages of selecting a family business like Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet is that you will be able to access dog kennels Perth at prices that are very accessible because we are passionate about taking care of dogs like they are our own. We take our time to understand each dogs’ behaviour and personality so each dog receives a personalised treatment when spending time in our facility with dog kennels in Perth at prices that are highly reasonable. Say goodbye to compromising your budget for your 4-legged friends.

We are proudly positioned as the favourite option among dog owners all around Perth, and the reason is that all dogs leave our dog kennels at prices that are unbelievable, feeling happy and having made new friends! Our facilities provide everything your little barking friends need to have fun and enjoy themselves while they are here, including frisbees, chew toys, teddies and more. We are very proud of being able to offer all-inclusive daily rates, and are happy to share our home with many pets and dedicate a big part of our time to keeping your fur baby happy. You can now have peace of mind knowing you are trusting people who love dogs and understand what they need to feel loved and appreciated.

For more information about our services and why our dog kennels in Perth are offered at prices that you will not find anywhere else, speak to us today! Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote or book your dog’s visit to our rural spaces so they can try it themselves. We are the trusted option of responsible pet owners in Perth when looking for a friendly environment that fosters your pet’s social and care needs.


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