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This is Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet, the reliable and trusted option if you’re looking for dog kennels in the Northern Suburbs area of Perth. We take pride in always treating your dog with the utmost care and love, and are a small-sized business focused on quality rather than quantity. Our facilities have all the amenities  your dog might ever fancy, such as balls, chew toys, frisbees, the works! We have positioned ourselves as the leading providers of dog kennels in the Northern Suburbs because of our professionalism and our passion for dog care. Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet’s owners Terry and Sue are always there to make sure your dog gets the love, attention and care your dog deserves!

Whilst at the premises, your dog will be able to socialise with other dogs in a safe manner (we don’t mix the dogs) separated with brick walls & outside mesh fencing which gives all the benefits of being able to mingle without any of the dangers. Our professional minders are all well-trained and are treat all pets as their own. You’ll find that your dogs have enjoyed themselves throughout their stay at the best dog kennels in the NSPC, and will be cleaned & brushed or bathed before leaving. We can also walk your four-legged friend with a lead for added activity if desired!

We cater to dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages and will be pleased to assist you with any queries with information that you might need. As providers of dog kennels in the Northern Suburbs, we take pride in providing first class services without the hassle. Speak to us today!


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