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Dog Kennels Joondalup

If you are looking for dog kennels near Joondalup, Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet is an excellent choice for you. We are a proudly Australian-owned and operated family-run business that takes pride in offering dogs and their owners the best service they could expect from professional dog care with passion and dedication. We have become the trusted option for responsible dog owners who understand the importance of finding people who can offer an enjoyable experience for your dog. We are a safe, secure and engaging place with dog kennels in Joondalup where your dog will be minded by entirely qualified and caring experts.

Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet is the right option for you as we have turned into the best dog boarding facility, so all dogs no matter their breed, size or age can feel safe, comfortable and have a positive experience where hygiene standards are as high as possible. We are passionate to give your furry friend all the attention and care it needs. If you’re on the lookout for dog kennels in the Joondalup area, look no further than Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet.

Whilst at Northern Suburbs Pet Chalet, your dog will have plenty of opportunities to safely socialise with other dogs without compromising its safety to ensure your peace of mind and well-being of your lovable pet. Contact us today and give your best friend the treat of the best dog kennels in Joondalup.

Dedicated and experienced owners Terry and Sue await for you and your dogs with open arms, and have made it a point of honour that your dog will enjoy itself whilst at the premises and be cleaned & brushed or bathed before being returned to you. Call us for a quote and more information about our dedicated pet services.


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